Items you need to have as Part of your Prepping Gear

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 A prepper gear consists of the items that can help you survive in case of a doomsday. A prepper gear can give you a lot of help in case an emergency or a disaster occurs in a city. Therefore it can play an essential role in ensuring that you are alive and healthy. A prepper gear should contain the following essential items.


Ensure that your prepper gear has food. You should consider having food that can last you for two weeks. This should be the regular type of food. If a disaster or an emergency will not take long, this food should be enough to take you through that period. You need to have food that can stay for a more extended period. Consider adding food that has a 25-year shelf life that can be prepared by adding hot water only.


From food, ensure that you have water. It is important to know that water is more important even than food. You can take a long period without taking food, but you can't take more than three days without water. Ensure that you have water that can take you for at least two weeks, see page here!


You also need to carry items that will help you with safety and personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is very crucial in a moment of emergency. It is necessary to practice personal hygiene because it will keep you off illnesses during the distress period. Make sure that you carry a first aid kit to help you in medicating small cuts that can get infectious when not treated. When carrying a first aid kit ensure that it can be easily accessible in any situation or place. Ensure that you also carry a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss in your oral hygiene kit. These items will ensure that you don't get tooth infections because they can be very painful. In case the buildings have been destroyed ensure that you have a bucket that you can use for the bathroom. Check out this website at for more info about saw.


There are also things that you need to have for your protection. They will ensure that you are physically safe. One of those items is a fire mask. The fire mask will play an essential role in protecting you against inhaling smoke and gas like ammonia, carbon monoxide, and other toxic gases. You can also consider having earplugs that will protect your ears from loud noises and also having goggles to protect you from flying debris.


Another critical item to have is a heat source. Canadian Prepper is vital because it will help you to keep warm especially during the cold seasons. It is vital for you to have a simple flashlight because it is safer than using candles.

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